Join us for Project Sunrise, where we welcome you to join us for a yoga class. Every Wednesday sunrise, from May 22nd to September 11th, we come together to heal a conflict ridden world, one human connection at a time.

Current global conflicts continue to challenge governments, institutions, and coalitions as they grapple to find solutions. While these monumental issues require complex political and diplomatic change, we extend an invitation to anyone seeking a way to make a difference, one human connection at a time. Our paths as yoga instructors have shown us the remarkable potential of service to bring about meaningful change and healing.

Yoga, with its roots in mindfulness and self-discovery, offers a powerful channel to connect with oneself and others. It transcends borders, languages, and ideologies, welcoming everyone to find solace and connection through their own inner journey. In this service-oriented approach, we become both givers and recipients, forging relationships that empower us and, in turn, those we reach.

All that we ask, is that you bring your spirit of service and a recommended donation to this cause, where project profits go to 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations dedicated to healing the world through human connection - Operation Heal our Heroes and Command Purpose Foundation. In turn, we provide sound off headphones for an immersive "silent disco" experience, a mat, and instructions from one of our incredible instructors. Save your spot before it's too late!

To simply donate to the cause, check out the link below.

Thank you Give Back Yoga Foundation and Lululemon for providing mats for this event series, and Sound Off for allowing us to provide an immersive audio experience without polluting the noise environment around us at a sacred place.

Introducing our diverse and wonderful team, dedicated to sharing our project with the broader community.  Thank you for you dedication to making the world a safer place through human connection.

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