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We offer accessible yoga classes to companies, organizations, government entities, and the public, providing an opportunity to engage the broader community in a unique and powerful way.

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Erringer Helbling

Erringer is a dedicated yoga practitioner with over a decade of experience. Her yoga journey began at West Point, New York, where she discovered its power to ground her during stressful times in the military. Erringer’s commitment is to use yoga as an act of service, particularly in communities healing from conflict-related pain.

She and her husband, Brian Miranda, completed their 200-hour yoga teacher training with Yoga District in Washington, D.C., preparing them to lead community classes. Erringer's passion lies in bringing human connectivity and self-assurance to these communities. She believes in the transformative power of yoga to connect people to their inner beauty and the beauty in others.

Despite ongoing global conflicts, Erringer invites anyone seeking to make a difference, one human connection at a time, to join her in this journey of service through yoga. Her path as a yoga instructor illustrates the remarkable potential of service to bring about meaningful change and healing.

Ash Lee Manley

Passionate yogi fresh out of Vinyasa training, ready to embark on this exciting journey of guiding others on the mat. With over five years of personal yoga exploration, my practice has been a sanctuary of self-discovery and mindfulness. Join me for invigorating sessions that seamlessly blend movement and breath, cultivating strength, flexibility, and a sense of inner balance.

Megan Monaco

Athlete-turned-yogi, Megan's journey into yoga began during her college years, and since then, she's been captivated by its transformative power. It introduced her to a new realm of movement and strength beyond traditional sports and HIIT workouts, while fostering a deeper connection to her breath and inner self.With over a decade of practice, Megan finds joy in both participating in and leading vinyasa classes, welcoming yogis of all levels to join her on the mat. 

Off the mat, Megan is a foodie and a bookworm, eagerly exploring the culinary scene of DC and immersing herself in historical fiction (any recommendations are warmly welcomed!). She finds solace in podcasts during long walks and cherishes moments spent at the beach in NJ with her family.

Join Megan on the mat for a journey of self-discovery and mindful movement. Let's flow together!

While we are based in Washington DC, we offer services globally, and are willing to meet you where you are.

We work with companies, non-profits, spas, yoga studios, governments, and beyond.  Whether you need a pop-up class for a specific event, or a series of classes for an initiative or organizational culture, we've done it and cannot wait to partner with you!

Demati is registered with the US Government's System for Award Management.

Interested in partnering with us?  

Fill out this simple form and we will get back to you.